Sunday, December 25, 2011

Choosing Your Perfect Red Lipstick

Have you always wanted to wear a red lip but didn't know how to pick one? Do you wear red lipstick but don't know if it's the right shade for you? Well I'm going to give you some tips to help you find the right red shade for you.

A red lip is bold and sensuous, it screams stop and look at me. It's something every woman should  kijnjn at some point. I'll admit it took me a bit of time to figure out my right shade but knowing some fundamentals helps you in this endeavor.

One red lipstick isn't universal. Within red lipsticks there are underlying tones that help determine what color works best for you.

To start when picking the right shade of red lipstick you should have an understanding of undertones and which are flattering for you. If you don't know about undertones you can refer back to a previous post that helps in figuring it out.

My rule of thumb in picking out a red lipstick that's flattering is choosing one that will flatter my skintone and make my teeth appear whiter. You don't even have to put on the lipstick but holding it up against your teeth is enough to see if it is flattering for you. A lipstick in a wrong shade will pick up any kind of yellow or discoloration you have in your teeth while the right one will make them look brighter and whiter.

Lipsticks fall either into cool or warm categories. Cool toned lipsticks will have blue based shades in them. If you fall under the cool category in foundations and even hair colors then lipsticks within the same range are for you. Examples of Cool toned reds are shades of cranberry, or wine. Examples of warm toned reds are brick red, burnt red or scarlet.

A red lipstick that flatters mostly everyone would be a pure red but finding that shade can be a little difficult. To determine if it is a true pure red there should not be any blue or orange tints to it.

So the most important step in figuring out which red is the red for you is knowing what type of undertone you have in your skin. Figuring that out helps eliminate a lot of the guess work and narrows down the choices.

Here's a link to the Figuring out your undertone post, for reference:

Hope this helped you in your lipstick hunt.