Monday, December 5, 2011

HoliSeries: Look 2

As part of my new series on youtube I will be doing several looks for the holiday season all inspired by different people. This look is number two in the series and it is inspired by the beautiful and talented Haifa Wehbe. If you do not know who Haifa Wehbe is, she is a Lebanese Egyptian singer.
The picture I got my inspiration is included as well as mine and the video to my tutorial on it. The flash makes my makeup look lighter but it definitely is darker than it shows. Still it's such a pretty look. Very feminine and soft definitely one that I will be wearing often.

I didn't want to pair it with a darker lip only because I already did a similar color for the first look but it would still look pretty with it. I really like Haifa's hair here as well, I will be trying out her hairstyle soon.

Video on this look here: