Friday, December 30, 2011

Even Skin tone

Are you trying to even out your skin tone?

Ok so I have been trying something new for the past month or so for my skin. Originally it started out as a trial for acne and moisturizing my skin but it unexpectedly had another benefit. I don't know if its worked on the acne but I do have to say that I don't get any new breakouts if I use it. Okay so the product that I have been using is...Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It works as a great moisturizer and it seems to have improved my skin tone.

I've always had a pretty even skin tone and no acne but the last couple of years both have been a problem. Also I was never really consistent with using a moisturizer on my face because they could get a bit pricey. I had noticed this summer just how discolored and uneven my skin tone looked and it bothered me but I didn't know what I could do about correcting it other than getting a tan.

Anyway I decided to try olive oil as a moisturizer after hearing that it was good for helping the elasticity in your skin. I was curious and because it was such a natural product I decided to try it. I wash my face thoroughly, apply some ointment on any acne and then massage the olive oil into my face. To be fair my skin is fairly soft and I always get compliments from people commenting on how soft my hands or whatever feel. So it's not that I needed to moisturize due to dry skin but let me tell you after using olive oil my skin felt even softer. It takes some time to soak into the skin it can be like 2hrs for it to absorb into my face (which is why I like to do it after showering at night). After it absorbs into your skin it leaves it feeling soft and there's no lingering greasiness or anything. I especially love that its affordable and simple, there are no extra ingredients, just the one.

So after continued usage I started to notice that although it didn't get rid of acne there didn't seem to be any new breakouts either which was nice. I did skip the olive oil for a couple of days and did breakout but I think it's because the olive oil acted as a great barrier to any pollutants or dirt. Also my skin tone looked much more even than it did originally, where I wasn't able to determine what shade was my true shade I now have only one. I'm still going to continue usage but wanted to talk about this now.

I'd say give this a whirl if you are interested in a more even complexion or if you just want a cheap moisturizer.