Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY Earring Holder

Even though I already put up a video on youtube I decided to make a blog post on it as well. Its a DIY Project to make an earring holder for your wall. Super simple and cheap you probably wont have one of the items but will have everything else. You will need:


Push Pins/ Tacks

Cardboard/Shoe Box Panel



The only thing you will most likely have to buy will be the burlap, which you can find at any fabric store. It's inexpensive.

Step one: Cut out the cardboard to the size that you want the earring holder to be

Step two: Cut the burlap to fit the size of the cardboard you cut

Step three: Put tape double-sided on the side of the cardboard that the burlap will lay on

Step four: Put the burlap on top of the side of the cardboard with the tape on it

Step five: To secure the burlap further staple all around the box to pin the burlap to the cardboard. 

Step six: Put the Earring holder wherever on the wall you wish and pin it in place with some push pins/tacks.

And you are done!

I am going to get a picture frame to put around the earring holder that way it has a nice border. As you can see I also pinned my hair flowers to it which helps keep them out the way.

If you want to check out my video you can see it here: