Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wake up!

Do you suffer from midday slumps, where all you want to do is sleep?

 Here is a tip to help wake you up when you start feeling that slump. Step into the sunlight. Exposing yourself to direct light halts the process of sleepiness. From about 1pm to 3 pm your bodys' core temperature drops,which starts the production of melatonin which signals the body to sleep. So, something so simple as a walk or standing outside in the sun for a couple of minutes will do the trick. You will feel more awake and will be able to postpone your sleepiness. 

Can't go outside to get some sunshine? 

Another cool (literally) tip is to smell or taste Peppermint. I know whenever I smell anything peppermint it instantly makes my eyes widen and stand to attention. Smelling or tasting it stimulates the trigeminal nerve which is connected to the part of the brain that induces wakefulness. 

Next time you feel the afternoon slump try one of these two out!