Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Soft skin

Do you suffer from dry skin? Or are you just interested in finding ways to make your skin even softer?

Well here's a tip for you, exfoliate. I'm sure you've heard it before but it is an important part to making skin softer. Exfoliating allows for you to get rid of all the dirt and dead skin that accumulates over time, you'll be surprised just how much. There's no need to spend money going to spa's or buying pricey instruments, you may just have what you need at home.

I have never really exfoliated my entire body all that much until I went to a hammam in Morocco and realized how beneficial it is. The only things used on me there were a towel,henna,half an orange and some organic soap. The ingredients were just so simple and my skin afterwards felt amazing and baby soft. So here are my suggestions on getting a similar result.

I would suggest getting an exfoliating mitt, similar to this one. 
You can get them where ever they sell bath products, I bought one from 
You can buy a ready made exfoliating scrub or make one at home.
Target,The Body Shop and stores that sell bath products sell scrubs in
different scents
A moisturizing bar of soap would also be best. You 
can find natural ones at shops like The Body Shop.

Firstly you should do a superficial wash using your soap to get rid of any dirt that is on the skin. This is going to take some time, so make sure you it. After the superficial wash you want to take the scrub that you bought or made and work it into the skin (focusing on one body part at a time). Taking your scrubbing mittens or towel which ever you use, you are going to roughly scrub your skin. Make sure you scrub every inch you can, you want to scrub away all the dead skin and dirt. You make the determination as to what is a good pressure for scrubbing. *The most painful places to scrub are normally the armpits and the chest area. The back is also hard to scrub by yourself so you can ask someone for help or do the best you can on your own. After scrubbing all over you should wash away all the scrub and dirt on your skin. Afterwards taking your moisturizing lotion gently wash all over, rinse and you are done.

You should feel a noticeable difference in your skin, it will feel soft and clean. I wouldn't suggest doing this everyday but about once a week or every two weeks should be fine. Also do not vigorously scrub your face as it is sensitive, it should be treated slightly different. 

If you want to exfoliate your face I would suggest getting an exfoliating pad or cloth for your face.
They sell these also where there are bath products sold.

Rather than vigorously scrubbing at your face with even pressure in circular motions buff away dirt and dry skin with an exfoliator for the face. You can make your own with some sugar and water or purchase one. After buffing away the dead skin, apply a moisturizer to keep skin soft and hydrated.

Do it your self Scrub

Ingredients: Pure baking soda, water

1. Mix 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water into a paste
2. Apply in a circular motion before rinsing

Texture is very important, the grains act as an exfoliant which uncovers fresh skin underneath.

Do it your self Scrub

Ingredients: Sugar (can be brown or white), water, milk (optional), kosher salt (can be subbed instead of sugar), Lemon/Orange/Lime juice (optional it works as an astringent)

1. Mix sugar(salt) and water together into a rough paste that has the consistency of something like wet sand
2. You can add in the optional fresh juices from the fruit as well
3. Apply in a circular motion 
4. Rinse