Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rid yourself of Menstrual Pain

Do you suffer from painful cramps that are won't go away unless you pop some pills? Many women and girls suffer from pms symptoms that vary in intensity and some can be so painful that it often is hard to cope with. This is a tip on how to deal with the pain that often accompanies your monthly visitor.

 So I suffer from painful periods, where the first three days are the hardest to cope with. It has been suggested that I take pills a week before my period is set to come and it will eliminate the pain. I don't tend to remember to do that and I do not like to take pills to deal with my pain unless it's completely unberable or I am somewhere that I have no choice. So the natural way that I deal with it is by applying heat.

Now you don't have to go out and by yourself a heating pad because you have the tools right in your home to make your own. All you need are three things, a sock,microwave and rice. I would suggest using a long sock for this since you can fill it with more and it is easier to tie.

 So taking a sock fill it up with as much rice as you'd like, it should be full enough to cover a good amount of the area you will be applying it to. I use about 3 cups for my own sock. *You can place the rice in a plastic bag and then put it in the sock if you do not want to have it in the sock. This works the same either way.*

  Next tie the sock in a not and place it in the microwave for about 3 minutes. When you take out the sock it will initially be very hot but you want it to be hot because if it will stay hot longer. Normally it is too hot to place straight on the area that I'm getting cramps so I lay a towel or a blanket over myself and then place the sock on top of it. After a couple of minutes you will find that it has cooled down and you can just place it right on the area without a buffer.

 Now you should stay sit or lay down and relax as the heat seeps through your pores and relaxes your muscles. I have had my cramps get a little more painful but that is only because they are working against the heat. Eventually you will find that the pain goes away when you start to feel the pain a couple of hours later all you need to do is put the sock back into the microwave to heat up and place it back on the area.

This method is seriously a life saver when I don't want to take anything, its natural and very effective. Another thing you can do for cramps, is rub lavender oil on the affected area and it should rid you of menstrual pain. Then there is the opposite and applying cold pressure is said to help some females.

Next time you get even a smidgen of pain just remember there is a simple easy way to rid yourself of it.

*If your period is heavier and more painful than normal I would suggest seeing a health care professional to rule out anything serious.