Thursday, October 27, 2011

My First Bullet Wound!

So I got asked if I could do a zombie look and it got me reading up on the body after death. In general I hate zombies and have never felt a desire to dress up as one. I avoid zombie movies and shows if I can. I didn't have the products I wanted to achieve a zombie look so I decided I would make myself look dead. Doing a little research I figured out what I wanted to portray, Algor Mortis

Algor Mortis is basically when the blood pools to the lowest part of the body. An example would be if the body is laying on its back then that's where it will go. It turns this reddish fresh burn looking color then above that is a lightish-medium purple with a tinge of black then on top of that (think of it as in levels) its the pale regular color. I even looked at real pictures so that I could see for myself what it looked like. They were definitely graphic to say the least, not for the faint of heart.

Anyway I just wanted to give it a try using some makeup, it took a lot of blending that in the end I got tired and left it as is. When I do time consuming looks I normally surf youtube and watch videos, it just so happened I watched a lot of sfx videos. One of the videos was about filming bullet wounds and it inspired me to try it. 

I only wanted to try it on half my face 

I improvised with the bullet wound on my forehead and used a 
cotton ball dipped in some color. It looked like muscle or tendon 
in person, pretty cool. 

It looks so sickly but this isn't a glamours look. 
Yet there's something beautiful about something that's really ugly :)

So before I started on my face I did a wound on my wrist with nothing particular in my mind. 

I don't even know what it looks like exactly.