Monday, August 6, 2012

Makeup Monday's: Memory Lane

I've decided to start a segment that I will call Makeup Monday's where I will recommend or discuss 1 or a few products every Monday. For today I'm actually going to be a bit nostalgic and look at products that I have been using for some years. Anyone looking to start building their makeup collection without wanting to spend alot of money should consider these products.

NYX Cosmetics Single Eye Shadow $5

I have been using NYX eye shadow in black for around 9 years, it was one of my first most repurchased item. When I was first starting out with makeup I solely used it as a liner, then gradually as an eye shadow. It brings a lot of product for the price and will last a long time. I love that it is very pigmented and affordable.

L'OREAL Hip Shadow Duo's Average around $7-8.50

These shadow duos are another longtime favorite of mine. They were the reason I started buying L'Oreal products. The color pay off is really good (especially on their metallic duos), you get a good amount of product as well. I have never finished using one in its entirety but I have hit pan on a few after many many usage. The price is a little bit pricey but most often than not there are always sales which lower the price. Still would recommend it because of the color pay off and the fact that you do get 2 eyeshadows in one package.

Revlon Illuminance Cream $7 

This was one of the first creme shadow palettes I bought. The shadows were slightly sheer but I mainly used them as a primer of sorts. The palette I had I don't think the sell anymore but it was a nice palette with the colors I liked. For the price I think its a good purchase and recommend it to anyone starting up their makeup collection who might not want to spend alot. 

Maybelline Define-A-Line Eyeliner $5-6

When I first started out using eyeliners I would try and use those cheap pencil liners that are like $1. They always ended up hurting my eyes due to the tugging that I would do using those hard pencils. Thankfully I quit those and decided to get soft eyeliners. Maybelline was one of my most used eyeliners because it was so easy to apply (it glides right on) and it was affordable. My only qualm about this product is the amount you get but otherwise I still love it.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara $6.50

This product was something I started using purely because I grew up seeing it part of my mothers makeup collection. So by default I began buying and using it. I still do use it but not as my sole mascara, more for the nostalgia that it brings. It works well enough for everyday use if I don't care about making my lashes look longer, fuller or anything like that. I would recommend it and in fact I bought one for my little sister as part of her makeup kit and it will be her first mascara.


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