Monday, August 6, 2012

July Haul

Rather than do a video I thought I would do a blog post instead for the things I purchased in July. I purchased some beauty products and some clothing items as well.

This is a purchase I have been wanting for some time. When I saw HauteLook had it on sale I bought it right away. The original price is $36 and Hautelook had it for $18. So far I've been loving it but will do a review much later on. You can purchase the palette here.

Another HauteLook purchase, I ordered in July but won't be getting until the end of August unfortunately. I bought a 3 piece brush set for $12. If you wanted to get some Crown Brushes they are affordable and pretty good quality, you can get it here.

I normally wouldn't buy into getting this product but after reading so many great reviews I decided I would give it a try. So far I've used it less than a week but I want to try it out for around 3 and then possibly do a review on it. In stores I bought it for $10, If you wanted to get this product go here.


I have wanted red jeans for some time but never felt like committing to an expensive pair. These red jeans I bought from Walmart for $16. Although they stretch they do feel more like pants than jeans but probably because they are pretty thin. Nonetheless I'm happy with the color (they have other bright colors to choose from). You can get it here.

I have never bought any pants/jeans from forever21 before so I was a bit hesitant about doing so. The materials they use for some of their clothes aren't the best sometimes but I decided to give it a try. I love the jeans so much that I'm definitely buying more jeans from them for fall. They have some stretch, are thick (not bulky) and they are long. These skinny jeans are better made than the ones I own from Old Navy. If you are any size over a 10 shop in there plus size section for bottom pieces. I paid $24.50 for them and you can get these jeans here.

Another forever21 purchase  I was wary of but really like. Whenever I buy any forever21 piece I like to get it in store so that I can try it on because things always look different on. For the price, color and type of shirt I wanted I decided to buy it online not knowing how it would fit. I love the hi-low tops and its true to that and sheer. My only minor complaint would be that it was a tad too tight in the arms for my taste but nothing that was bulging or uncomfortable. I decided to keep the top because it did fit and the color was beautiful, I paid $12.50 for it and you can get it here.

Normally Animal print isn't my thing but I saw this high-low top that was reasonably priced and figured I would see how I like it. I bought it at Conways for $14.50. You can check if you have a store near you here.

By far my favorite purchase of July was this cat print headscarf from Asos. I'm a bit of a cat lady and becoming obsessed with headscarves so couldn't resist buying it. I paid $6, and you can get it here

Also purchased but not pictured were two tank tops from H&m, one burgundy the other a semi-sheer black both were priced around $6

If you want to see what I bought in June you can check out my video here.

Have a Beauty-full day!