Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Favorites

This post is a little early since we still have about a week and a half left of August but I have all of my favorites already. I didn't really have anything during the month of July that was a new favorite but this month I do.

Neutrogena Fight & Fade Toner

I was a bit skeptical about what this product could do but after reading so many glowing reviews I figured to give it a try. It rightly does deserve the praise it gets because I did see a marked difference on my acne marks. It visibly reduced the size of a lot of my marks and reduced the appearance on some so much that you could barely even tell they are there. As for preventing and reducing acne it also did a good job because I have had almost no breakouts all month. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to reduce the appearance of any acne marks. I used this product twice daily right after washing my face and not only where there were marks but all over my face. Neutrogena also sells a Fight & Fade gel which I will also buy to test out for next month and switch out with the toner. You can buy this product in any drugstore, I got mine from Duane Reade for about $10 but Neutrogena's site sells it cheaper here

The Balm Nude 'tude

I am so glad that I bought this palette because I absolutely love it! The color pay off is very good and it has  really nice shades for a neutral smokey eye. I personally love Snobby, Schitzo and Sultry for a neutral eye and I use Sultry alot to blend my shadows together. This palette is comparable to the Naked 1 palette or Two Faced Natural Eye palette. The packaging is cute and is worth trying out whether or not you have the UD or Two Faced palettes. You can purchase the palette here.

BH Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner

This is such a great inexpensive product and easily comparable to drugstore liquid liners. Being that it is in pen form it makes applying eyeliner so much easier. The felt tip is thin enough that you can make a fine line or a thicker one once angled slightly. The liner dries fairly quick and comes with alot of product. I have been using it about everyday and it is still as good as when I first opened it. Originally the price is $5.95 but since BH always has sales you can get it cheaper, for instance it is on sale at $3.27 now here.  Definitely give this a try if you are an eyeliner junkie or just looking for a good liquid liner.

Real Techniques Crease Brush

This crease brush comes in their starter kit that includes 4 other brushes. I am always looking for good crease brushes and I have added this to my list. At first usage I wasn't exactly keen on it, because it is a thicker fluffier brush it can blend out the shadow a little higher up than intended. I kept trying it and figured out how to get it to blend out the shadows with out extending it so far up into the brows. It's really soft and the brush picks up the shadows really well. I would recommend trying this brush but if you do not have that much space in between eyes and brows this brush might be too big for you. You can purchase the starter kit from Ulta here.

Cat Print
Last favorite of the month is all things Cat print. In general I love cats but this month has been about wearing them on some article of clothing or other. Not sure what sparked the cat craziness but I think its one of those prints that are cute and depending on the design do not have an age restriction. Pictured above is a fun Cat Print Laptop case from Asos. Simply searching for cat print things will lead you to a multitude of different site.

So that is all for my favorites for the month of August. Thanks for reading and have a beauty-full day!