Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quick Astringents

I wanted to talk about astringents and give you some easy tips on making your own. Astringents are good for shrinking pores and tightening the skin. You would apply it after you have cleaned and cleansed the skin. I've always been a fan of astringents using them sparingly, not everyday but often enough. When you do use it often, spending the money to replenish it might be a problem for some. Prices range anywhere from $4 and higher.

Here are a couple of natural alternatives to making your own astringents that really don't cost much at all.

So the first tip is just plain cold water.

 The astringent property of cold water is very refreshing. If you don't want to splash water on your face then wrapping a washcloth with some ice cubes might be an alternative for you. Gently pat it over your face for some time.

Second tip is some lemon juice and cold water.

 Lemon juice has amazing multiple purposes and being an astringent is one of them. It helps disinfect and tone the skin. Dilute it with some cold water and pat onto your face. Make sure not to use lemon juice and tan out in the sun as it may cause irritation.

My 3rd tip is using some Apple cider Vinegar.

Like lemon, apple cider vinegar is an old true and tried astringent. It helps in cleansing and toning your skin. Mix it with some water and you have yourself a homemade astringent.

By no means are these the only astringents you can do at home, there's the option of witch hazel, peaches or even rose water. These are just examples of some simple things you can do without having to spend a big amount of money.