Saturday, November 12, 2011

Managing Frizz

So this post is about managing frizz and what steps I take to do that. I hardly ever get frizz anymore and it normally only comes about from me constantly touching my hair. If you want to eliminate frizz then maybe some of these tips will help you.

First thing I do is when washing my hair I never pile it atop my head and mush all over, that causes tangles which I don't want because then you get breakage. Rather I massage my hair and loosely gather the ends to the top. 

The second thing I do is detangle my hair when I condition it, having curly hair I almost never comb it because it tangles so easy so this is the only time I do it. I have used a wide toothed comb to detangle but most often than not I use my fingers making sure to comb carefully through hair. Take out the knots now instead of when it's drying which will cause frizz. 

After I have completely washed out the conditioner I wet my hair all over with cold water and then wring out excess water. Since I wash my hair with medium heat water it opens up my hair shafts but with that comes frizzy hair, so wetting my hair with cold water closes the shaft locking in moisture thereby reducing frizziness. When I skip the cold water step I see a marked difference in my hair being frizzy.

The next thing I do is to make sure I wring out as much water I can from my hair before pat drying it with a cotton t-shirt. A towel will cause your hair to stick to it especially if you're brusquely rubbing it around your head. Using a cotton t'shirt will absorb most of the water and the patting will do it gently without causing frizz or breakage. 

I make sure to air dry it even if I do place product in my hair while wet I leave it alone making sure not to touch it even after it dries. Running your fingers (or comb) through your hair while drying is a sure fire way to get frizz. While freshly out the shower just style it how you would like it to dry and then DON'T touch it.

If you put in product when hair is dry and not wet then scrunch it in hair (if wavy/curly) or pat it (if straight) in. 

At first my hair took some time to adjust to this new regimen but now it's the only one I do. It works all year round in the cold, humidity etc. The only thing that makes my hair frizzy now it my own hands fidgeting at it. So long as I get that in control, I have manageable frizz free hair even in the summer with nasty humidity. Give one or all of these a try and see if it makes the difference.