Sunday, November 6, 2011

Color Correcting

To get an even skintone and hide problem areas, I believe color correcting is very beneficial. I always color correct, and I'm the better for it. If you suffer from acne marks or just discoloration then this is something you should consider.
My skintone isn't even, with certain places being red and others having scarring. To eliminate visibility I make sure to use the correct colors to camoflauge my problem areas.
Color correcting works by using the opposite of certain colors to cancel it out. So for instance if you suffer from redness on the skin you would choose a green color corrector. They are opposite each other and so neutralize each other.

Here is a quick guide to finding the correct color correcter for your needs;

Green cancels Red
Helps hide rosacea, broken capillaries

Yellow cancels out Black, Blue or Purple
 Helps hide dark circles, spots or bruises

Purple cancels out Yellow
Helps even out complexion if it is too yellow or sallow

Peach cancels out Ruddiness
Helps brighten up lack luster complexion that looks too dull

Even with this simple guideline you could break it down further but this is sufficient for a general sense. I prefer cream corrector's for spots that way you can go in and cover it completely with concealer. I mix in a color corrector with my foundation and then go in individually to cover any other blemishes.

Give color correcting a chance and see how much of a difference it will do for your complexion as opposed to going without.

If you are interested in some brands that have color corrector's here are a few; L'oreal, Smashbox, Graftobian