Saturday, July 14, 2012

Close-Set Eyes

Close-Set eyes have the opposite problem that Wide-Set eyes do. They appear to be closer together, meaning the width across the bridge of the nose is less than the width of one eye. 

Celebrities with Close-Set Eyes are: Rachel Bilson, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Kidman, Anna Paquin, Hilary Duff, Kate Winslet

Tips and tricks for making Close-Set eyes appear farther apart

1. When applying eye shadow to the lids you want to place the lighter color on the inner corners and the darker colors on the middle to outer part of your lids. A light shadow on the inner corners will make the open up the eye while the darker color on the outer part of the lid will draw attention to it. 

2. Make sure to extend the shadows past where the eye ends which will give it the illusion that the eye is being pulled outwards towards the hairline. The more you extend it the more it looks to be pulled outwards.

3. When applying eyeliner make sure to keep the line thinner on the inner portion of the eye and gradually build it to be thicker on the outside portion of the lid. Also extending your eye liner (think cat eye) will make your eyes look like they are being pulled outwards giving the illusion that your eyes are more symmetrical.

4. Lashes are another good way to achieve the wider set eyes. Using a pair of demi lashes which go on the middle to outside corner of the eye will make the lashes thicker there thus bringing more attention to it. Also individual lashes are a good alternative to building up thickness to the outside corner of the lids.

Thanks for reading and have a Beauty-Full day!