Thursday, January 12, 2012


I wanted to do a post about something that has become very important to me, moisturizers. Moisturizing your skin is important no matter what skin type or age you may be. Moisturizing helps replenish your skins fatty substances and natural lipids as well as protect sensitive skin, improve your tone and texture and even mask some imperfections. Not to mention moisturizing can help slow down the aging process in terms of wrinkles.

The best way to apply your moisturizer is after washing your face, that is when your skin is rehydrated and in the best state to lock in moisture.Make sure not to completely dry your face, allow some moisture to stay on your skin as that best helps lock in moisture.

Depending on how often you wash your face you should moisturize it after each wash. For example If you don't wear any makeup and can go two days without washing your face then moisturize every two days. I like to apply it at night that way it absorbs into my skin while I'm sleeping and my body is at work repairing itself. By the time the morning comes my skin would have already absorbed my moisturizer and I can just put on my makeup atop it.

If you use any kind of medications for acne or anything like that place that on the affected areas first and then apply the moisturizer atop it.

Now the most natural moisturizer I use is Extra Virgin Olive oil, its inexpensive and always on hand in my home. I take some of the olive oil from my kitchen and fill up a bottle or container with it. Then when I have washed my face I massage the Extra Virgin Olive oil in circular motions into my skin. It hasn't made my skin break out (I have combo skin) and actually continuously wearing it has helped keep any new acne at bay. As well as having the added benefit of improving my skin tone and acting like a makeup primer of sorts.
Another natural oil that can be used as a moisturizer is Macadamia Oil, it penetrates the skin and hydrates it quickly. Also its oil is very similar to the oil produced by the skin to protect it, it's called sebum. Just like the Extra Virgin Olive Oil you can massage this into your skin after it's been washed. 

Next natural oil good for moisturizing is Shea Butter, which is a solid fatty oil. It contains vegetable fats that are beneficial in promoting circulation and cell regeneration. It's great for rejuvenating troubled or aging skin as well as being a natural sun protectant. Just like the other oils massage it into your skin after showering and it would be best to apply before bed or during the evening.

There are other natural alternatives to moisturizers but I'll touch more on them in another post in detail. Also these are the more widely available ones recognizable to most. Of course you can use store bought moisturizers if you'd like, I only want to give you natural options. I believe that using products with little or singular ingredients is healthier than one loaded with a lot of them. Women in various parts of the world have used some of the more simpler things and ended up with great results without having to break the bank. The more natural and organic you go in picking your products the less chance you have of irritation also.

So hopefully this was informative and helped someone!