Monday, January 23, 2012

Facial Toners

In the beauty community there are debates as to whether or not you do need a toner, it is up to you to decide if its right for you. Nonetheless I am going to discuss some options if you were looking for some more natural and/or organic options for facial toners and explain a bit about it.

The purpose of a toner is to restore the skin's natural ph balance, as well as shrink/close your pores and cleanse the skin. Depending on where you live your water can have a ph balance as high as 9.5, while our skin has a ph balance of 5.5. It takes somewhere around half an hour after washing for your skin's ph balance to return to normal when disturbed.

Toners are most often used after one has cleansed/washed the face then after it dries a moisturizer is applied. There are a number of ways to apply it depending on the kind of toner you use. Most importantly one must be mindful of the type of toner that you are using, taking note of ones skin type. Different toners are effective for oily and combo skin versus dry or sensitive skin. Some facial toners are sold with alcohol, so if you have sensitive or dry skin it wouldn't be the best option for you. The alcohol will only dry out your skin further so picking a non alcoholic toner that's milder would be better. A toner with alcohol would work well with oily combination skin because it will help remove any excess oil, but one must be mindful that if used too often your skin will only produce more oil. For that reason maybe using a facial toner every so often is an option.

Using a toner before applying a moisturizer can be beneficial as it will help with absorption since a toner acts as a humectant (which works to retain moisture). It can be used as a way to further cleanse your face from any lingering makeup or dirt or to treat some acne spots.

If you were interested in some natural toners here are a few options:

Cucumbers are a good option for tightening pores as well as refreshing the skin. Simply grate a cucumber and apply the juice to your face then after about 10 minutes rinse it off. This is a good option for normal skin.

Rose water is another option as a toner, it is effective in tightening pores and cleansing skin as well as others. Simply apply in circular motions with a cotton ball. This is a good option for any skin type.

Egg whites are another good idea for a toner as they temporarily tighten the skin and help deliver any other ingredients to your skin easily. As the egg mask tightens any oil in the skin is sucked up with it making it great at removing excess oil. Simply wash it off afterwards and you are set. Adding another ingredient to your egg mask also is an option simply use one that will be beneficial for your skin. For instance Egg and honey, honey soothes irritated skin and softens it. Or Egg and Avocado, avocado penetrates into your pores nourishing and softening your skin. This is a good option for any skin type unless you have an egg allergy, also be mindful that any other ingredient you mix with the egg will not irritate your face. You can apply a bit of egg to the crook of your elbow to test if your face might be sensitive to the egg.

Strawberries are another great option they clean the skin and tighten pores. They contain natural acids that penetrate deep into your pores and clean out any dirt or impurities. This is a good option for oily or acne prone skin.

So as I stated previously using a toner is simply up to an individual. Some people are not for toners as they believe that it dries out the skin or creates more oil production. My advise is to always keep in mind your skin type when picking out a toner and if it is not a natural toner be mindful of the ingredients.

Hopefully this helped shed some light on facial toners.